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Summer Reading

Summer Reading

Click the banner to go to our ReadSquared Summer Reading site to sign up and track your reading!
Questions? Please give us a call at (859) 873-5191.

Not a fan of entering your reading online? Click below for printable reading logs. Return your completed reading log to the Library by 12pm on July 31 to be entered into the grand prize drawings. The grand prize drawings will be broadcast on Facebook Live on the Library's Facebook page on Friday, July 31 at 5pm.

Kids' Spanish Summer Reading Calendars

Woodford County Local History Scavenger Hunt
(All ages) Visit seven wonders of Woodford County!  Visit 7 historic locations June 1-July 31 throughout the county. Starting June 1 follow the clues posted on social media and in the library ads in the Woodford Sun. Take a picture of each location and upload it to the ReadSquared site to earn badges. Visit all 7 sites and win a Woodford County Library mug. Paper answer sheets will also be available by calling (859) 873-5191.

Teen Passive Programs in June and July
Fantasy BINGO Sheet: fill out a YA fantasy themed BINGO sheet - coming soon!
Fairy Garden: Design and add to your own indoor or outdoor fairy garden! 

Week 1- Camp Half Blood Challenge: share your camp spirit with a variety of activities. See post for more details. 
Week 2- Cupcake Wars: Decorate a cupcake and submit a photo to Instagram or the teen librarian.
Week 3- Bookstagram: show your photo-taking skills with YA fantasy books.
Week 4- Low Budget Anime Opening: create your own anime (or Avatar the Last Airbender) opening credit sequence and submit it online or to the teen librarian. 
Week 5- Medieval Market: sample your terrain building, 
construction, or cosplay by social media of photo submission to the teen librarian.
Week 6- Dystopia Wars: vote on your favorite dystopian book.
Week 7- Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark: read or tell your favorite scary story and submit a recording or video to social media or the teen librarian. 
Week 8- Gamers, GO!: Submit a screenshot of your character in a video game.
Week 9- Happee Birthdae, Harry!: Design a wizarding world themed art piece to celebrate Harry’s (and J.K. Rowling’s) birthdays! 

Contact Megan, the teen librarian, at for more information.