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Fine Forgiveness Month

Fine Forgiveness Month

April is Fine Forgiveness Month at the Library! Bring in new school supplies (see list below) to "pay” your fine and help local students.

During the month of April, $5 will be waived from your Library fine for each notebook and/or package of supplies that you donate. All school supplies collected will be donated to students enrolled in Woodford County Public Schools.

There is no limit to how much you can bring - feel free to take care of your entire fine, no matter how large or small! Everyone is eligible to participate. Credit will not be given for future fines. Please call the Library at 873-5191 for more information.

We are only accepting the following:

• New spiral notebooks

• New packages of loose leaf paper

• New packages of pencils, pens, or highlighters

• New 3-ring binders

• New folders